Sandra Farms Coffee Tour

We welcome you to tour Sandra Farms Coffee!

What you’ll experience on our tour:

  • Walk through our centuries-old coffee farm while learning the fascinating history of coffee in Puerto Rico.
  • Discover beautiful tropical and native plants that thrive in our unique climate.
  • Learn how the farm has adapted and recovered after multiple hurricanes.
  • Observe our eco-friendly coffee production and find out everything you ever wondered about growing, processing, and roasting coffee.
  • See the transformation of coffee plants from seedling to tree, to fruit, to bean… and finally into some of the best coffee in the world.
  • Taste our famous Puerto Rican coffee while enjoying a balcony view overlooking majestic mountains and the silvery ocean on the horizon.
  • Savor a taste of our own line of specialty dark chocolates- Apasionados (An Exquisite Love Affair)- infused with our own cacao and coffee beans.
  • Finish the tour with an opportunity to purchase our coffee, chocolates, and other specialty products to take home with you!
  • Daily tours are offered Tuesday-Sunday. The first tour is from 11am-1pm and the second tour is from 2-4pm.

*Tours include some walking, but we can accommodate for those with mobility restrictions. *Want to trek through the forests of our farm before or after your tour? Ask us about our over 6 hours of moderate to strenuous hiking trails that wind across our 225 acre farm.

If you like to book our coffee tour please click here!

  • Alicia Kennedy
    Coffee lovers, travelers interested in sustainable agriculture, and history buffs will all be fascinated by this tour. Everyone else will appreciate the view—and likely the chocolate samples, too.
    Alicia Kennedy
    Conde Nast Traveler magazine