Typica 401 de Puerto Rico Project

Sandra Farms' dream to once again comercialize the heirloom varietal that arrived in Puerto Rico in 1736 !


From our first cup of handpicked Adjuntas Mountain Grown coffee in 2001, we have persevered to make Sandra Farms a viable, sustainable and contributing member of the local community while at the same time striving to improve the environment.


Dear Customer: Keeping the faith post-Hurricane Maria has yielded the wished for blessing, a coffee bumper crop! True, not everything is perfect, but things are working out. The few good and faithful employees we have stuck with us and were instrumental in gathering the early part of the harvest until now. We now have guest workers (via US H2A program) to pick most of the remaining harvest. We are hopeful that production from this big harvest will allow us to provide coffee until the next harvest. The fresh harvest beans look very good, and the bean sorters select the very best ones. Here's hoping that this year's Sandra Farms wet process and NATURAL beans will delight your palate.

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